Florida Water is not only Cologne

Florida Water - The Baking Soda of The Magical World

Much like baking soda has so many household uses, Florida Water has an incredible amount of uses in the magical world.

Probably the most popular use is for working with spirits, but it is also great for cleaning your home, you just add a little to the water when you’re mopping and you won’t believe the way it lightens and brightens the feeling in a room.

Putting a little in a container of water on your ancestor altar is another use.

It should always be added to ink water when scrying, and there should be some out in the open when you’re working with spirits in any way, including a Ouija board.

Adding it to your bath is a good addition to a healing, cleansing or protection bath.

My favorite way of using it is to cleanse each object that will be going on my altar before beginning a spell. It does a great job of cleansing and the “vibe” it gives off is very noticeable, peaceful and good.

There are many good recipes for Florida Water out there, but Lanman & Kemp actually hold the trademark on “Florida Water” and they make such an excellent product that I’ve never had much reason to make it myself. I have done so for the sake of experimentation, but I love the L&K brand, even the way the bottle looks, so that’s what I always use now.

I can’t imagine not having it in my magical cupboard.